Master Hi Lo blackjack card counting.

The Hi Lo card counting system was used by the MIT blackjack team featured in the movie 21. It is easy to understand but hard to master. This app provides the tools for you to learn, practice, and master the Hi Lo card counting system.

Note: This app will not do the card counting for you but will teach you how to do it yourself.


- Display card values overlays to help you memorise the values.

- Display count information for when you are learning to keep the count.

- Option to have the app ask you for the count at random times.

- Test yourself against 1 to 8 decks.

- Keeps track of your fastest times so you can always better yourself.

The Hi Lo System

Cards 2 to 6 have value +1
Cards 7 to 9 have value 0
Cards 10 to Ace have value -1

Running Count is the total of all of the cards already dealt.

True Count is the Running Count divided by the number of Decks still in play. Convert this value into a whole number by removing its fractional part.

When only 1 deck remains, True Count equals Running Count.

When the True Count is positive it means the deck is in your favour and you should increase you bets.


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